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Wolf Lodge Supper Club
November 9th, 2019
Resurrection Campus Gym

2019 Useful Forms:  Sponsorship FormItem Donation Form
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2019 Auction Newsletters: 9.12.19 / 9.19.19 / 9.26.19 / 10.3.19
10.10.19 / 10.17.1910.24.19 / 10.31.19 / 11.7.1911.14.19

Father Allouez Catholic School Auction Roles

  • Event Site Committee
    • This group, once the theme has been determined, turns the middle school campus gym into the place to CELEBRATE!
    • This team will:
      • Coordinate decorations
      • Coordinate with the facility staff at Resurrection to set up the item tables, food tables, stage, and corresponding electrics/sound
      • Coordinate the set-up and tear down of the event
      • Coordinate the 8th grade coat check fundraiser
  • Communication Committee
    • Ideally we’d love a St. Matthew campus and parish representative as well as a Resurrection campus and parish representative on this committee. We hear the need loud and clear for enhanced communication!
    • This group will:
      • Coordinate social media posting/scheduling
      • Create communication pieces for distribution at school (parent folders) and in the community. Most of this can be simply updating what has been done in the past.
      • Coordinate with the parishes to include messaging in weekly bulletins
      • Coordinate with parishes to have a student or parent speaker at Masses on specific dates
      • Put together the auction booklet highlighting sponsors and event timelines
  • Greater Giving/Database Committee
    • Last year was the first year FACS utilized a cloud-based database to track contributions, item donations and ticket sales. This committee will work closely with the sponsorship and auction item committees to ensure all items are entered appropriately and are ready for folks to bid!
    • This group of folks will include some people who are:
      • Comfortable with and have access to a computer with reliable internet. Volunteering here will have flexible hours and great training!
      • Available for check-in at the event
      • Available for item check-out at the event
      • Available to help event attendees troubleshoot any technology issues
  • Event Ticket Committee
    • This group will head up the ticket sales for the event. Ideally, we’d have a point person for both the elementary and middle school campuses to ensure we have adequate staffing for ticket sales at parent teacher conferences and before/after designated Masses.
  • Sponsorship Committee
    • This group is looking for business/personal sponsorship’s for our event (contributions of funds rather than items). Members of this group will follow up on a letter that the business has already received asking for their support.
  • Silent Auction Committee
    • In years past, this was broken into several different committees. Bringing all of the silent auction coordination under one umbrella will allow for true ownership of this part of the event! This is one of the largest sources of funding for our school and where the thrill of the bid resides!
    • This group will:
      • Coordinate class basket creation
      • Ask local businesses/families for items to be highlighted in our silent auction
      • Coordinate the assembly of baskets
      • Write descriptions
  • N.U.T. (No Uniform Today) Card Committee
    • This group prints and sells the NUT cards at the event and, upon approval from the school, at other times leading up to the event as well!
  • Refreshments Committee
    • This committee makes sure that our awesome guests will have wonderful things to eat and drink! Note that this committee combines the food and bar committees of years past.
    • This group will:
      • Organize groups of volunteers for food tables
        • The families staffing tables will also be part of this committee!
      • Coordinate the donation/pick up of the desserts
      • Coordinate the procurement of beverages for the evening
      • Work with the school administration/staff to fill out the “Celebrity Bartender” shifts
      • Work with auction leadership to account for the tips earned during the evening.
  • Raffle Committee
    • This group solicits/purchases the items that will be raffled off for the event.
    • They also arrange for the printing of the tickets.
      • The GRACE office provides wonderful guidance in how to be in compliance with WI state raffle regulations.
    • This committee will also prepare tickets for families to sell (to be distributed in family folders) and for ticket sales after Mass at both parishes
  • Live Auction Committee
    • The live auction is an exciting, fun part of the event! New this year, we’re looking for a small group of folks to coordinate this important piece!
    • This group will:
      • Ask local businesses/families for items to be highlighted in our live auction
      • Coordinate the emcee for the event/live auction
      • Write descriptions
      • Have two team members be bid “spotters” at the event
  • Class/Field Day Team Project Committee
    • This group will coordinate the ideas and execution of the projects for each class, working with the teachers to identify a good time for the class to work on them. The class and field day team projects generate without a doubt, the most interest of the event. This team will work closely with the silent auction committee.
  • Auction Basics Committee
    • This group is absolutely essential to an awesome event! The chair for this committee will work closely with the auction co-chairs in that if something is needed, the chair will be the point of contact to send the communication out to the committee to get the job done!
    • We rely on these folks to help:
      • Execute mailings (envelope addressing/stuffing)
      • Put up event posters at local businesses/meeting spots
      • Run and get auction items that need to be picked up

And other items that pop up throughout the event planning process.

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