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1st Grade (Mrs. Neuville)

  • 1st Grade
April Neuville



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FACS is implementing the CHAMPS classroom behavior program school-wide to set specific guidelines and procedures in both classrooms and common areas. This program’s goal is to encourage and reward positive behavior throughout the school day.

Flexible Seating:
All students are unique and learn in different ways. To help accommodate to all learning types, we have a variety of seating options in our classroom.
Our flexible seating options include: cushions, standing desks, colorful stools, wobble stools, stools with wheels, crate seats, carpet squares, desks for one student, tables with two students, tables with four students, and scoop chairs. All students also have the option to sit in a “normal” chair with a back.

Students will be given a homework menu on Fridays with five activity choices. Students and families can pick and choose activities that fit into their schedules. Please return homework tickets the following Friday for each activity completed. Homework tickets will be drawn Friday mornings. Students have the opportunity to earn rewards and special privileges.

Daily Schedule:
Morning – Reading, Fundations, and Math
Afternoon – Science/Social Studies, Writing, and Religion
Mass is on Thursday mornings at 8:30


Monday- music
Tuesday- phy ed*
Wednesday- music and art
Thursday- phy ed* and library
Friday- mini art and Spanish (biweekly)

* Students need an extra pair of gym shoes to be kept at school for Phy Ed.

Daily 5 – Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Listen to Reading, and Writing
Journeys – This curriculum provides stories to teach reading and writing strategies.
Fundations – This is an interactive program that helps with phonics, reading, and writing.
Major concepts: developing reading strategies, skills, and love for reading; writing complete sentences; using spelling patterns to spell words; developing rich vocabulary; creating independence with reading and writing

Math Expressions 2018
Major concepts: adding and subtracting within 12, visualizing numbers (tens and ones), skip counting, recognizing/writing numbers to 120 etc.

Social Studies –
Citizenship – our role in our community
American Leaders, Songs, and Symbols
Map Skills – continents and oceans
Cultural Similarities and Differences
World’s Natural Resources
Needs and Wants, Services and Goods

Light and Sound
Earth, Moon, and Sun
Organisms: Plants and Animals
Engineering (connected to organisms)
Einstein Kits – These kits provide hands-on experiences for students.

Christ Our Life: God Is Good (textbook)
God Is Our Good Father
God Sent His Son as Our Savior
Jesus Shows Us He Is Good
Jesus Shows His Great Love
Promise Paper – On Fridays, we will read about and discuss Sunday’s upcoming Gospel reading.