Father Allouez Catholic School has been at the heart of the Allouez community and Resurrection Catholic Parish for generations.  In addition a strong academic heritage and faith-based values, our school is built on discipline – not only as disciples of God, but as self-disciplined students who discover themselves through reflection and new experiences. To us it’s the foundation for creating a better future.

In partnership with parents and the community, we accept the responsibility to educate the whole person. Attention is given to the spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of each individual. We are committed to academic excellence through the development of quality faith formation and academic programs mindful of current educational research.

  • We believe that Catholic formation needs to be immediately visible in Catholic education: in the general school environment, in all areas of the curriculum, and in the total life of the school community.
  • We believe that Resurrection Catholic School must have as its focal point the development of committed Catholic Christians, inspiring a life ethic of service.
  • We believe in providing a child-centered atmosphere in which we strive to meet each student’s individual needs by integrating academics, faith formation and thinking skills into real-life experiences.
  • We believe in the kindergarten through eighth grade program, yet we recognize the unique characteristics of students at various levels of developmental growth.

We are proud our our academic achievements and our accreditation by AdvancED Wisconsin.