Tuition Assistance

Catholic education should be available to everyone and there are a number of ways that tuition can be managed and/or reduced.

GRACE Tuition Assistance:

Tuition assistance is available to families with children in grades K-8 through GRACE . You can apply for assistance at the time of enrollment.  Click on Tuition Assistance to learn more.

WI Parental Choice Program:

Father Allouez Catholic School is a participating school in the WI Parental Choice Program. The program allows students in K-12, who meet residency and eligibility requirements to receive state aid for their tuition and attend our school. New students to the program MUST apply during the open application period which will be in February of 2016.*

New families applying for a voucher need to go to  Proof of income and residency will also need to be provided to the GRACE office at 1822 Riverside Drive.

* Existing applicants do NOT need to register.  They will be rolled over.

WI Tax Deduction for Tuition Expense:

The Governor has signed tax legislation into law, giving Wisconsin taxpayers the opportunity to deduct private school tuition expenses from their taxable income beginning on or after January 1, 2014. A subtraction from income is allowed for tuition expenses that are paid for any of the GRACE schools. Parents/guardians are eligible for a maximum deduction of $4,000/child in grades K-8 and $10,000/child in grades 9-12. Students transitioning from eighth to ninth grade are eligible for both deductions.  Any amount spent on tuition and book fees are eligible for the deduction. Book fees include digital books, such as laptops or tablet fee issued by the school. All expenses incurred after January 1, 2014, are eligible for the deduction.

Tuition tax credit information is available to GRACE families online via GRACE’s enrollment management system, TADS.  The TADS Household Paid Tuition Tax Report will provide a breakdown of payments made for the specified household’s tuition account during the tax year. When gathering information for tax preparation, GRACE families are to access their TADS account | select Billing | Billing Account Number | Reports | Household Paid Tuition Tax Report | enter the year (i.e. 2019) and submit. If you have questions or require assistance, please call TADS Parent Support at 1-800-477-8237.


The SCRIP Tuition Reduction Program offers families the opportunity to offset a portion of their child’s educational fees by purchasing gift cards/certificates.  Click on SCRIP Program to learn more.

Parish Tuition Assistance:

Please contact your parish to find out more.